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Letters From Linda's Clients

"Thanks so much for all of your help! You were a great help."
Eugene Johnson

"Linda, Thank you for all of your advice and information in the selling of my mom's house. Your help made things run more smoothly for me and helped me through a difficult time and I appreciate you so much!"
Joan Goodwin

"Dear Linda, Thank you so much for selling my house in Brigham City. I appreciate your knowledge and real estate expertise."
Earlene Bird

"Linda, I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you. This has been an experience working with 4 siblings to sell my mother's house. Your patience and kindness has been greatly appreciated throughout this journey. Your knowledge and experience has put my mind at ease while her house has been listed. I would be proud to recommend you to anyone looking to sell or buy. Thanks again."
Robert Johnson

"You are so great to get us through this process!"
Cheryl Hurst

"Wow Linda! Thank you so much for everything. You have been amazing and we have felt blessed to have you as our agent! Truly! Thank you for all of your help. You are a fabulous agent."
Larry and Megan Stuart

Linda, We just love our house! Thank you for making buying a house such a great experience! We will definitely send people your way!"
Dr. Mark and Cheree Murdock

"Linda, We can't thank you enough for the efficient, timely manner in which you sold our house."
Gary and Carolyn Cunningham

"Thank you Linda. You are terrific to work with - wish we had another house in Brigham City we could sell with you! We appreciate you going above and beyond the normal efforts of a realtor especially since we are two states away. You're a genuine pro!"
John and Vicki Hodgman

"Linda, We couldn't have found the house of our dreams without all your help and most of all your time. We are so happy!"
Jonathan and Holli Curtis

"Dear Linda, Thanks again for helping us sell our house. We always enjoy working with you!"
Larry and Tammy Stewart

"Dear Linda, Thank you so much for all your help. You made this such a pleasant experience. We really appreciate all you've done for us. We absolutely love this house and couldn't be happier."
Wiley Call and Kayla Muhlestein

"Linda, Thank you so much for helping us with everything! You are awesome!"
Chad and Kelsey Bywater

"Linda, We want you to know how much we appreciate all you have done for us. It was wonderful working with you."
Matt and Amy Rowley

"Linda, thank you so much for all you did for us when you sold our house. You are a miracle worker!"
Ron and Gail Lyman

"Linda, We just wanted to thank you for all your help in finding a house for us. We are grateful for all of your time and efforts, and your willingness to go into some pretty scary houses while we were trying to decide what we were looking for. Thanks again for all you've done."
Tyson and Becky Stokes

"When I made the decision to sell my home a few months ago, I contacted Linda Jensen, with Welcome Home Realty.  I met Linda several years ago when I first moved to Brigham City. Although I did not buy my home through her, she remained a caring and concerned individual for myself and my family.  About a year ago she assisted my daughter with the sale of her home and the purchase of her new home.

When Linda came to list my home she was very helpful in providing information and allowing me to make the decisions that would best suit my situation. From the minute we listed my home, Linda allowed me to be in the driver's seat and made sure that every action we took, from the listing, showing the home, selling the home and closing the sale, were in a manner that satisfied me and made me feel comfortable all along the way.  There were a few personal issues that arose when we were ready to close and Linda worked with me, the loan officers, the title company, and several others to make sure things were done in a professional and timely manner.  She had a vacation scheduled at the same time we were to close, and Linda covered all of the steps we needed to take before she left and then followed up on the progress of the closing from her vacation site.

Linda is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the service of the individuals she is working for. When a "oops" happens, as it did for me on a personal level, Linda was patient and willing to go the extra mile to make sure things worked out for everyone involved.  Thanks Linda for selling my home, making me feel at ease with my decision to list with you and for the personal touch you put into my experience of selling my home."
Flora Reiter

"Linda,  I can't thank you enough for the expertly help you gave me in buying my first house. I felt so at ease when you sat next to me when I faced that huge stack of papers at closing. Everything felt so comfortably in place and I know it's because I called you first. Again, thank you so much!"
Blake Anderson

"Linda, We want to thank you for being such a darn good realtor. We sure appreciate your quick response to all of our phone calls, questions, and giving such good advice."
Jake and Rachel Carter

"Linda, I have to say Wow.  I am impressed.   You are so on top of things!  I know you have several other listings and yet you got us taken care of and on there in less than a day.  It looks fantastic.   The pictures are great!  Thank you so much for your hard work!"

Kimberly Kennedy

"Linda, Thank you for all you did to sell our home and help us find a new one.  We really appreciate you!"
Craig and Denyehl Jones

"Linda, You have been really awesome through this whole process.  I can see why you are the lead seller in this area.  I’ve had so many people ask me what’s the trick and I’ve told them it’s you.  Get a good realtor and then tell them to get you!  Thank you for all you have done for us."
Kevin and Diane Hansen

"Dear Linda, Thank you for all your help with the house.  You are so wonderful and do such a great job. Oh! and thank you for all the advice too, that was fun too.  You are our favorite realtor, and the only one too.
Brian and Margarita Jeide

"Dear Linda, Thanks is a small expression for the gratitude we have for your services to us.  We are your fans forever and we take the opportunity to let people know what a good sales person you are.  You're honest and very dependable."
Allen and Lillian Jensen

"Dear Linda, It's extremely difficult to come up with the words that could accurately convey the feelings and emotions and deepest heartfelt gratitude that I feel toward you for all you've done for me and my children.  You were with me every step of the way with encouraging optimism and patience, and the faith that everything would fall into place at the right time.  You took a personal interest in my family and our needs, and always made suggestions and recommendations that would benefit us most.  Your knowledge and expertise is unmatched by anyone, anywhere!   There is NO ONE else I would trust to help me buy or sell my home.  Your extremely personable and friendly nature always made me feel happy and excited to work with you.  I tell everyone how wonderful you are because I can't imagine working with anyone else!  You work so hard and never miss a detail.  You are so professional, yet add a personal and down-to-earth touch to everything you do.  Thank you for taking care of us and helping us move on to the next part of our lives.  I am so grateful for all you have done.  What a blessing you have been in my life."
Brooke Sepulveda

"Dear Linda, We would like to thank you so much for your help in selling our mother's home in Brigham City.  Not only was this an emotional time for us, but with the housing market in difficulties, it was scary.  We appreciate your sound advice and guidance and your positive attitude.  God bless in your future endeavors."
The Audrey Roberts Family

"Dear Linda, We really appreciate how hard you worked for us in getting our house sold.  You are definitely a hard working, trust-worthy Realtor.   We really appreciated how you kept us informed and updated.  You are so honest and knowledgeable about the market.  You really helped us make the decisions and changes that helped us sell our house.  We had full confidence in your ability to negotiate on our behalf and to work with a wide variety of offers and financing.  We highly recommend you and would go to you first if we were buying or selling again."
Phil and Colette Mitchell

"Dear Linda, Mom and I would like to thank you for all you did in helping us get this condo.  As always, you give it your all and make us feel important to you.  Mom wants you to know how much she appreciates your kindness and help.  Thanks again for everything!"
Lori Brown and Mattie Heigert

"Linda, Thank you for being part of another miracle for us.  We were impressed with your effectiveness and speed.  Arnold's second cousin, Todd Salisbury, was right; you are the best (at least you were for us!)" 
Arnold and Arlene Hill

"Dear Linda, Like so many others you have helped, I had to write a thank you for all the help you provided in buying my new home.  You are deeply knowledgeable, fast, and effective.  To top all of that off, you truly do care about your clients.  You went out of your way to be sure things were as stress-free as possible for me, and that things got taken care of so that we would be ok.  You are truly a gem, and the best realtor I have ever worked with.  I highly recommend you to everyone.  Thanks a million for everything!
Karen Hubbard 

"Linda, Thank you so much for helping us sell our home.   Everything went so smoothly.  We really appreciate all your efforts."
Clair and Sherry King

"Linda, Thank you so much for all your guidance and enthusiasm in helping me get my home.  I love it and it already feels like home and that I belong here.  Feel free to stop by anytime...you are always welcome!"
Sylvia Claybaugh

"Linda, Words can't express how much we appreciated all of your hard work, advice, knowledge and generosity in helping us into our new home.  We probably wouldn't have been able to do it on our own, so thank you so much for everything!"
Joshua and Tate Mason

"Dear Linda, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help before AND after buying my home.  It was way and above the call of duty.   Just wanted you to know how stress-free (almost!) and easy it all went - especially living out of state.  Thanks!"
Mary Willard

"Dear Linda, We have appreciated your professionalism and expertise as we have bought and sold our homes.  We have been grateful for your advice and counsel."
David and Jill Perry

"Linda, We want to thank you for all your time and help with the whole process of buying a home.  You were very patient with us and didn't push us into anything.  You made us feel comfortable and endured all of our questions.   Thank you again."
Abe and Marci Mitchell

"Linda, you are a wonderful agent, we just can't thank you enough.  Your knowledge, professionalism, and compassion were outstanding.   Thanks again."
Jerry and Donna Clark

"Wow!  A very smooth and super fast sale!  Your experience and friendliness was much appreciated.  Thank you!"
Jim and Kelly Fitzgerald

"Linda, Thank you for helping us find "our home".    We can't thank you enough for all your professionalism and honesty.  It was extremely easy for us getting this house (to our relief) with little stress.   Thanks for making us feel so comfortable!"
Tyson and Amanda Callaway

"Thanks so much for everything you have done to help us buy our new home.  You went above and beyond and we felt 100% safe knowing you were looking out for us.  Come and visit anytime!"
Landon and Monica Packer

"Linda,  We appreciated your hard work and enthusiasm while selling our home.  We didn't expect the home to sell so quickly...for our continued sanity it was a blessing.   You made it happen and we are grateful.  We appreciate your honesty and "upfrontness".   Thanks again for all you did.  We will certainly give you high marks to anyone in need of a Realtor."
Dale and Tanya Draper

"Dear Linda,  Tom and I wanted to thank you for the great job you did selling our home in Brigham City.  We appreciated the suggestions you made for improvements.  We're sure it helped."
Tom and Marla Excell

"Linda,  Thanks for your help.  You made the home selling process '"enjoyable".  You are professional and very kind.  Thanks for everything.
Mike and Sofan Evans

"We selected Linda to sell our home because of her reputation for superior service.  The experience was all good!  In less than 48 hours, she found a buyer and methodically worked through every step of the process for a smooth closing.  When we ran into difficulty finding an apartment to rent short-term without a lease, she jumped in and helped.  In one day, Linda found a nice apartment that we could rent month-to-month.  She is a real professional in all aspects of real estate."
Paul and Joan Peterson

"Linda, Thank you so much for selling our house.  You changed the way we felt about realtors!  You did your homework, kept us informed, advised and counseled.  We were very impressed.  We will recommend you to all of our friends...those who haven't already recommended you to us!  Thanks for your professionalism, patience and friendliness.  You are awesome!"
Kurt and Megan Mueller

"Linda,  We just wanted to thank you for so many things.   First of all for doing such a great job with our house.  We were always kept in the loop and confident that you would get it sold quickly.  We appreciate how professional and fun you were to work with.  We are so glad we got to know you."
B.J. and Aimee Wells

"Dear Linda,  We want to thank you once again for all you have done.  Moving is a very hard venture for a family of 6!  It's been extremely difficult, so we absolutely needed things to run as smoothly as possible.   Thanks to your hard work with our house back in Brigham City, it did.  Without your skill and dedication we could have suffered some incredible hardships.  So we cannot thank you enough for everything."
Brian and Shari Gilson

"Dear Linda,  We would like to express our appreciation for helping us get our house.  You have been above and beyond the average realtor.   You have been a good friend in helping us work out all of the nitty-gritty stuff when others weren't.  Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into figuring out ways to make everything go as smoothly as possible.  We will be sure to mention your name to anyone buying or selling a home."
Brian and Andrea Rose

"Dear Linda,  Thank you so much for all your help with the sale of our home!  We so much appreciated your updates and your quick follow-up for every question or problem.  Thanks again!"
Jason and Katherine Wilson

"Linda, You did such a great job selling Mom's house.   Everything went so smooth and everyone is happy with the end results.  I highly recommend you as a realtor and will do so to anyone needing you in your area.   Thanks again!"
Rheta Burnham

"Dear Linda,  We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your expert help with our real estate needs.  You have been very patient and helpful.  We will definitely come to you for our future needs, and will be referring our friends and family to you also."
Craig and Jennifer Lucus

"Dear Linda,  We are so very appreciative for all of the help you gave to us with our house.  We felt like we were in such great hands and we admire and appreciate the integrity in which you have and run your business.  We are grateful for your unselfish advice.  Life has a way of working out for the best and the whole experience with the sale of our house ended up being one of those experiences thanks to you!"
Dr. Clark and Susan Andersen

"Dear Linda,  We would like to thank you for your help in our recent transaction of purchasing the Compton building.  We found your friendly professionalism and skills without reproach.  It was refreshing to deal with you and found your ideas immensely helpful to us in the decisions we had to make.  We would certainly recommend and have recommended you to our associates and friends in helping them with their real estate needs."
Robert and Marsha Wilson

"Linda,  Thanks for all your time and effort towards the "house hunting."  You made a hard job much easier and your knowledge was so very helpful."
Sandra Miller

"Dear Linda,  You were such a big help in finding us our first home.  We can't thank you enough, but we sure appreciate you and all you have done for us."
Daron and Shelley Isaac

"Linda,  We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you!  You made a stressful time a lot easier.  Thanks so much for all your time and most especially, your patience!  You're terrific!"
Mike and Shannon Draper

"Dear Linda,  Many thanks for your help in finding and buying our new home.  We appreciate the many details you took care of.  We love the clock.  We'll think kind thoughts of you when we look at it!"
Jim and Monta Felix

"Dear Linda,  You were such a joy to meet and help me so much.  Thank you for a pleasant experience you made it!"
Shirley Gibbs

"Linda,  Thank you so much for all the help you were to us in buying our house.  We are loving it!  You made our "first time" buying a positive experience and we really appreciate all you did."
Morgan and Lori Ingram

"Linda,  We just want you to know how much we appreciate all you have done to help us sell our home, but more important we appreciate your friendship.  We will highly recommend you to anyone.  Thanks again!"
Carl and Nancy Wright

"Dear Linda,  Just wanted to say thank you.  You did a superb job and I really appreciate it."
K Wayne Claybaugh

"Linda,  You were wonderful to work with – one of the most honest and professional Realtors we have ever done business with!"
Scott and Joyce Dean

"Linda,  We appreciate the outstanding manner in which you handled the sale of our house and for your assistance regarding our Income Tax relative to this sale."
Lawrence and Nelda Lofgren

"Dear Linda,  We were extremely happy with you as our Realtor. You did a fantastic job and we always appreciated the way you kept us up on everything. We intend to let everyone we know who’s looking for a home what a great job you do!"
Ray and Nikki Lund


Associates Comments 

"Linda, It was so awesome to work with you! I really appreciate all of your efforts to help make this go smoothly. You're awesome! Let's do it again soon!"
Shelby Palmer
Equity Real Estate

"Thanks for your help. You have been the most diligent agent I have worked with."
Jeff Christensen
Coldwell Banker

"Linda, Thank you for all of your work on the Willard property. You were terrific to work with!"
Jackie Summers, Broker
Sumner Realty

"It was a wonderful experience to work with Linda as a referral agent! I haven’t seen anyone work so hard and cheerfully on a referral basis! She referred a client to us who had a property to sell in Southern Utah; the client resides in Northern Utah closer to Linda. Even though we had the house down here to sell, she was amazing to work with him up there to communicate personally with him, help with getting documents signed and back to us, etc.  She even went to the closing with him! I can’t say enough good about working with her. She was ALWAYS happy to help and so cheerful it always brightened up my day! Thank you Linda! I hope we can return the favor some day! "
Ted Payne and Janet Youd
Re/Max First Realty

"Dear Linda, Thank you for being so excellent to work with on the home in Brigham City for my somewhat different clients. Your patience was greatly appreciated! Thanks again."
Sue Wilkerson
Re/Max Crossroads

"Linda, We wanted to say thank you for working with us on the Russell/O'Bray and the Christensen/Miller sales. It made the process a lot easier working with someone as professional and responsive as you are. Thanks!"
Andy Berchtold and Shanne Munns
Besst Realty

"Linda, Once again, it was a joy to work with such a dedicated agent."
Wendy Williams, Senior Loan Officer
Academy Mortgage

"Dear Linda, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a wonderful real estate agent and having Jason and Chelsea's best interest at heart.  I have found that a lot of professionals in our industry only care about the money, but I feel that you truly add a new level of caring to our industry and I wish that more agents had your same compassion and desire to assist our borrowers.  I thank you and truly hope that we can have the opportunity to work together in the future."
Scott Lemmon, Retail Loan Division President
CU Mortgage Affiliates 

"Many people are hesitant to work with a real estate agent because, frankly, many agents promise a lot, but that’s all they do, promise. Let me assure you, Linda is not that kind of an agent. She works very hard for her clients and is one of the most professional, conscientious Realtors I have ever known. I’ve worked in the real estate industry for over 30 years and I can honestly say that Linda is one of the best Realtors I have ever worked with. If you want real service from a very nice person, I highly recommend Linda! She’s great!"
Larry Vaughn, Owner
Centennial Title

"Linda is a real ‘pro’ when it comes to real estate in my book. I have found Linda to be very knowledgeable and understand of real estate valuation."
Charles Johnson, Certified Appraiser
Rocky Mountain Appraisal Co.

"Linda is energetic, enthusiastic, and efficient. She has the ability to solve difficult problems with poise and professionalism. She is outgoing and cheerful and yet firm and resolved when she knows she is right. I would highly recommend her."
Jerry Buchanan, GRI, CRS
Past President, Local Board of Realtors

"It’s a true pleasure for me to work with Linda. Her sparkling personality puts you at ease right away. She is professional, honest, and responsible in the way she handles her  customers’ transactions. Linda makes my job easy!"
Mary Nebeker, Loan Officer
Home Loan Corporation